We are here for your IT needs

Rata Services is a dynamic IT services and information systems management company based in Geneva, Switzerland and working globally.

The support, technical, contract and risk management team is made up of a core group who has hands-on international experience working with multiple clients.


A more detailed list of what is in each service group can be found in the page Services.

Inventory of IT Core Service Needs for your Company

User & Desktop Support, Security & Malware Protection, Server, Network Support & Cloud Infrastructure, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Email, Cloud & Phone Services, IT Management.

Inventory of IT On-Demand Service Needs for your Company

IT Management Consulting, Cyber Risk Services, GDPR & Privacy Consulting, Business Systems Consulting, Insurance Consulting, Digital Web Communication.



Our IT set-up services will align to your business requirements and help with IT support.


Available for projects or when your company needs them for additional service costs.

Why choose Rata Services for your company?

Rata Services will be your solution for different corporate entities that your company may require for a range of support services including infrastructure, cloud services, helpdesk and cyber risk management.

Rata Services can provide transition to an external provider for IT services and cyber risk management.

Rata Services may be your solution for your IT support, if your company would prefer to not increase staffing levels to cover the ongoing IT support needs or spend more effort than they do today to manage these functions.

We propose the provision of a consistent, fixed volume of services for the support, management and maintenance of the systems and services used – rather than a purely reactive “on-call” support model when problems occur.

"Rata Services is here to accompany your organisation’s growth."



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